During my days as Creative Director at G2/Grey Direct, I was considered the go-to expert on DRTV. That's because I understand what makes effective TV. And I know how to mix successful DRTV tactics with brand-building and award-winning creative. Click on the spots below to view  a sampling.

Medicare - I wrote and creative-directed these :30 spots as part of a multi-media launch for the "Aetna Answers" campaign. They took home numerous awards for creativity and effectiveness.

Remington - Every parent of a little girl knows the trials and tribulations involved in combing out knots. I tapped into that frustration when I wrote and creative-directed this whimsical spot for the Tangle Tamer. 

Hands down, Karen is one of the most talented Creative Directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her creative work is informative and memorable, but perhaps most importantly, delivers results.

- Suzanne Yost, Broadcast Producer

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