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IMG 0419

Why this picture? 

Well, the Statue of Liberty hanging out on a dock in the Pacific Ocean seemed like an apt metaphor for my life these days.

After spending close to 30 years at top ad agencies in NYC, I moved to California where I'm now running my own small direct marketing creative shop. 

I'm using all the skills I honed working as a writer and Creative Director at agencies such as G2/Grey Direct and DMB&B Direct. 

With one huge difference. 

Where agencies take months to complete projects, I can now turn projects around within days, and, in some cases, hours. 

And, since I don't have a large staff or big office to pay for, I can charge less.
A lot less.

If you need help with a direct marketing project, let's chat. My work includes: direct mail • e-mail • print • DRTV • radio • websites • banners • collateral brochures • billboards •  point of sale •  Tweets • Facebook updates

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Karen has the rare ability to combine left and right brain thinking into award winning, results-driven creative solutions. I would recommend her for any creative job, especially those which are complicated messages that need to be delivered through multiple channels with conflicting audiences." 

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